The aim is to publish refereed papers in a publication (with ISBN code).





Abstracts must be submitted by e-mail by 30 June 2011 to

Abstracts must be written in English, be maximum 300 words.

Abstracts must outline one of the following topics:

-         example of recent archaeological musealization with a brief description of the context and emphasis of the innovative aspects / intervention of interest.

-         a theoretical and methodological approach with specific interdisciplinary character, adopted in recent cases. Specify involved the innovative features / interest

-         technical solutions and technological interest in the conservation / exposure / communication.

-         recent conservation and musealization with solutions of interest in terms of formal / architectural / environmental. Brief description of the context

-         recent cases of interventions in terms of conservation and archaeological musealization specimens for the procedures and the steps which it has come to the realization (political, disciplinary, administrative - as well as consensus building, etc...)


The abstracts could have 2-3 figures attached.


The following details must be contained:

  1. file must contain:

-         Abstract title

-         Name and surname of the author

-         Author affiliation

-         Contact details: telephone, fax, e-mail address

-         Keywords chosen

-         Abstract text (maximum 300 words)

-         Figures and legend


  1. file must contain:

-         200 words Curriculum Vitae




Papers (if abstract is selected) must be submitted by e-mail by 20 August 2011 to

Papers must be written in English, be approximately 2500-3000 words.

Page format must be (A4), font must be ARIAL 10

The following details must be contained:

-         Paper title

-         Name and surname of the author

-         Paper text and references (maximum 2500-3000 words)

-         Figures sized at 450 dpi and legend

Authors of the papers will be responsible for the copyright of images for the purpose of pubblication.


The conference secretary will specify which of the selected papers for the pubblication will be presented by the author during the international conference on 27-28-29 October 2011 at Politecnico of Turin.




30 June 2011:              Last submission date for Abstracts to archeoshow

15 July 2011:                Feedback on Abstract

20 August 2011:          Last submission date for Papers to archeoshow

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