The aim is to describe and convey the key words for archaeological musealization by means of images.




Posters must be submitted by e-mail by 20 May 2011 to archeoshow 


Posters must outline one of the following cases:

-         example of recent archaeological musealization with a brief description of the context and emphasis of the innovative aspects / intervention of interest.

-         a theoretical and methodological approach with specific interdisciplinary character, adopted in recent cases. Specify involved the innovative features / interest

-         technical solutions and technological interest in the conservation / exposure / communication.

-         recent conservation and musealization with solutions of interest in terms of formal / architectural / environmental. Brief description of the context

-         recent cases of interventions in terms of conservation and musealization archaeological specimens for the procedures and the steps which it has come to the realization (political, disciplinary, administrative - as well as consensus building, etc...)


Posters will be sent in a pdf file reduced at UNI A3 at 300 dpi of resolution (up to 2 posters can be submitted for the same item).

Selected posters will be shown as a picture in 70x100 cm portrait format, shall be printed on photo printing paper and glued to a white lightweight rigid backing of 5 mm.

The poster must have a clear dominance of images (photographs-figures-simulations) than the text (text must be in English).
A top band on the short side 70x7 cm must contain:

-         Poster title

-         Name and surname of the author

-         Author affiliation

-         Keywords chosen

Authors of the posters will be responsible for the copyright of images for the purpose of pubblication and exhibition.




30 June  2011:           Last submission date for Posters (as .PDF file) to archeoshow

15 July 2011:              Feedback on Posters

20 August 2011:       Final Poster submission date (as .TIFF file) to archeoshow

30 September 2011:  Last Poster delivering date (in original)


To send posters in original the address is:

Prof. Marco VAUDETTI Politecnico di Torino, Facoltà di Architettura, Castello del Valentino

viale Mattioli 39 – 10125 TORINO ITALY

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