The conference will be characterized as for its multi-disciplinary approach as to recognize the strategic role within the architectural design of the areas of archaeological value.

The provided contributions will refer to:

a)      interventions aimed at enhancing the archaeological ruins with the context: usually in urban areas, open spaces, such as square, or in covered areas or underground, where it is important to establish a relationship with the ruins without altering the environment thanks to architectural projects that solve the confrontation between the past and present and correct techniques of conservation and consolidation of the site; these are situations in which the surviving elements are made ​​accessible on site, sometimes creating alongside of them or on them a historical museum with a new location of the most delicate and important archaeological finds; the intervention in any case has the dual purpose of linking the new generations to their roots and giving a right answer to the problem of the authenticity of memory

b)      Interventions aimed to allow the use of the findings and to exhibit to the public through solutions such as:

-archaeological park with a route through the emergency of the site, sometimes a real living museum en plein air

-restatement of the settlements or parts of them with locations and events, entertainment activities, involving the audience in a visit back in time, where the most important aim is the value of the offered experience

- vitual reconstructions with appropriate technologies.

conference program
conference program

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